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I search for the beat in this dirty town

I'm never on this anymore. :P Tomorrow I'm off to Philadelphia - highlight of my vacation. :D I don't get why we had a long weekend for Easter (which was Easter break) and then had a spring break this month. :/ Not complaining because I'd do anything for a day off of school, doesn't make sense.

Amazingly, I have an 80 in algebra. How, no idea, because I practically fail tests and do poorly on homework and I thought for sure I'd have a much lower grade because I've been slacking off on homework.

Rofl, I found Tiny Toons on YouTube and it cracks me up. XD I am definitely still a fan. :)

"Why do they call you stormtroopers?"

*takes out that paper that sounds like thunder and takes a watering can and pours it on Plucky's head*

"I just had to ask..."
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