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Summer time sadness.

As summer draws to a close, I decided to elaborate on just how awesome it was, even if there weren't any vacations taken.

I started off as still an extremely self-conscious person who was basically only 100% comfortable around her boyfriend. I was your average-size girl but with a warped image of herself. I'm 5'3½" tall, and I guestimate that I was about 138 pounds at the beginning of June (I don't know for sure as I refused to check my weight because that eating disorder still haunts me to this day), and had a waist measuring 30". Of course, these numbers don't mean I was in danger of obesity, but I still felt I needed to lose some excess fat.

I figured the only reason why I had some excess fat on me was because I was physically lazy. Well, that may be. Not to mention I did make some poor choices on snacking. Granted, I wasn't big on eating junk food to begin with (seriously, even as a child, it would take me months to finish off Halloween candy), but once it was almost completely eliminated in addition to exercising more rigorously, I started seeing a difference in my appearance.

I had my challenges. When people noticed that I was shrinking, it got me concerned. I honestly wasn't anticipating a significant difference in my appearance, to be honest. As mentioned before, the last time I had a significant appearance change within roughly a month was because I quit eating. I also noticed that I seemed to have an increased appetite, and, unfortunately, a little anorexic voice in my head told me I was eating too much. I had gained a little bit of water weight recently, so when everything seemed a little tighter than usual, I freaked out. There was also a cake in the house (admittedly, it was doctored slightly to be healthier - not that this justifies eating cake on a regular basis, or anything, because it doesn't), and I think I'm the only person who ate it (not in one sitting, of course), so I punished myself the other night by doing three reps of 35 push-ups for a grand total of 105 push-ups. However, yesterday, I noticed that my clothes were back to fitting looser, so I don't doubt it was, indeed, water retention.

I decided, as I'm moving back out to Fredonia today, to measure my waist. My waist was 27". Wow. I've shed three inches. As for my weight, I checked a week ago and found that I was 128 pounds, so I've lost ~10 pounds. Damn. My confidence has definitely increased, and I've noticed - and this was what I wanted most - that my upper-body strength has increased considerably (hah! A woman with even the slight hint of biceps...the idea!). Totally didn't anticipate a huge change in my overall appearance, especially this quickly. But, at least it changed because of the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

I do intend to keep up with the rigorous exercises once I start school again, but I don't doubt the challenges will still be there. I'll still have Nathan's support, and I know he'll be willing to be an ear if I need it. <3 But yeah...don't wanna leave him, either. Just one more year, though, and I'll be done with my undergrad (thankfully)!
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