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I wish I was a kid again...

I just watched The Puzzle, it was actually pretty funny. I found it on another video site I found via Google. Shockingly, the only thing related to The Puzzle Place on YouTube is the theme song/opening. :/ I've found a ton of episodes of Shining Time Station and The Magic School Bus, but not The Puzzle Place. *shrug* That's weird...and The Puzzle Place lasted longer than both of them, didn't it?

Sizzle: Look, Nuzzle, it's the Empire State Building!
Nuzzle: (holds up pencil sharpener in the shape of the Empire State Building) Look, Sizzle, it's a pencil sharpener!

"Pretty stupid?" -- Leon commenting about what they were watching on TV.

And I think I saw a traction engine in a junk yard that my bus goes past on the way home from school...I've named it Trevor, who was saved from the scrap yard. XD I have been watching too much Thomas the Tank Engine.

And Tuesday was the dreaded childrens' orchestra concert. Well, I had a plan where I would curl my hair (didn't work, unfortunately), walk out on stage without my glasses on, leave my violin on the chair so I wouldn't have to carry it out, and wear slacks instead of a skirt. And also play my iPod while walking out. This was to make sure my school wouldn't recognize me (and shout out my name). Don't know if it worked since when I walked out they weren't there. They were one of the last ones in the auditorium, so they got the very back, haha! Sucks to be them! Apparently, they did try to holler out my name, but I didn't hear them, for obvious reasons. I did see someone wave (my guess is it was either Britta or Angela), but I just ignored them, which was easy to do.
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